About Us

Founded in 2005, NeoRouter Inc. is one of the pioneers of remote access and virtual network solutions. From humble beginnings as a developer of security components, we are now strongly committed towards the development of the leading SSL VPN solution for home and small business users - NeoRouter.


NeoRouter Inc. is a Canadian-owned company located in Toronto, Ontario. Our development team's expertise comprise many years of developing and supporting secure applications in the field. Indeed, NeoRouter Inc. was itself initially founded by the authors of a reputable range of security components. As a company we are dedicated and committed to providing professional applications and services in the area of secure network communications.

Our ambition is to provide budget-sensitive organizations with the tools they require to take full advantage of the new technology of the digital age. Our products are designed to reduce our customers costs and overheads wherever possible. We also know that our clients expect robust, mission-critical security solutions, and this is exactly what we deliver.

The Road Ahead

With our range of developer tools at a mature stage in their life-cycle, the company's product focus is now geared towards growing the feature set of our enterprise class NeoRouter virtual network solution. This product both incorporates and extends upon our tried and tested range of components in order to deliver a truly innovative remote access solution.

Our mission is to provide the users of our products with a greater range of choice than solutions from alternative vendors. By uniquely offering both software and hardware versions of our flagship NeoRouter product along with cost effective and even free licensing, we deliver on this vision and ensure that everyone can benefit from our products.