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How it works

The network revolves around you

Every day we are dealing with multiple PCs at work, home or other locations. It is often difficult to remotely connect to your PCs because corporate firewalls or residential routers segregate the network. NeoRouter can connect all your PCs into a virtual LAN (Local Area Network) and allow you to access them securely from anywhere.


At the center of the virtual LAN is the NeoRouter server, which acts like a command hub. It authenticates PCs and users, manages user accounts and profiles, and mediates direct P2P connections between PCs. The server can be setup on a PC running Windows or Linux, a Small Business Server, a Windows Media Center, a Windows Home Server or a MythTV. Alternatively it can be setup on a residential router from LinkSys, Asus, etc. It works with the open-source firmware like Tomato, OpenWRT, etc.

To add a new PC to this virtual LAN, you can simply install the NeoRouter client software on the PC and sign-in using your account. This will notify the NeoRouter server to remember the signature of this PC and to allow future connections from it. Because the NeoRouter client runs as a Windows service, it will start whenever your PC starts and join the virtual LAN automatically.

To access the virtual LAN from a PC that you have registered to network, you can use the NeoRouter Network Explorer which is installed along with the NeoRouter client software.

From a public PC/Kiosk at the library, airport or hotel, you can access the virtual LAN using the portable version of the NeoRouter Network Explorer. Its functionality resembles the Network Explorer, except that it does not require setup, register the PC to your virtual LAN or store any person information on disk.


The security features of the NeoRouter are designed exclusively for the end users. All network communications are encrypted and authenticated with industry-standard algorithms and protocols. Nobody, not even your network administrators, will be able to see the data transmitted within the virtual LAN.

An important advantage of NeoRouter is that you have complete control over all the PCs and devices in the virtual LAN. Some competitors rely on a constant TCP connection between your PC and their central servers, and your PC could be at danger if any of their servers is compromised. This is a fundamental design flaw in their products; their servers and disgruntled employees if any could be the weakest link of the network. Because sometimes your data is just too important to trust anyone else, NeoRouter is designed such that your PCs/devices will never make such TCP connections to external servers.

NeoRouter also has a built-in firewall and access control manager so that you can manage users and their privileges at finer granularity. See user control for details.

Use Cases

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How do I invite my family and friend to my network?

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How do I work remotely?

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